Current Courses

EDRS 8000: Applied Quantitative & Qualitative Research
Prerequisite: Admission to graduate program (M.Ed., Ed.S., Ed.D.) in education or permission of the advisor.

Candidates will develop a functional understanding of quantitative and qualitative research as applied to educational arena. Emphasis is placed on candidates acquisition of analytical and interpretive skills.

In Fall 2018, this course is offered online only (CRN 88211).

Course syllabus for Fall 2018.


EDRS 8100: Qualitative Research I
Prerequisite: Admission to graduate study in Education.

This course will serve as an introduction to qualitative research and methodologies. Methodological origins, theoretical frameworks, literature reviews, and basic methods of data collection and data analysis will be explored in conjunction with an analysis of relevant literature, educational research reports, and ethics in research. Students will apply basic skills of data collection and analysis. Students will differentiate between the types of qualitative research.

In Fall 2018, this course is offered online only (CRN 86930).

Course syllabus for Fall 2018.