The Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes in On2, ca. 1919

Lower Level

This level is nearly complete with trackwork throughout and basic scenery everywhere except at Farmington -- although there are still many more details to be added.  To see the photos, click on the links below each map:







This area has changed quite a bit from the initial plan.  In Room 1, Reed's station has been shifted from the lower left corner slightly further up (south) to are area approximately across the aisle from the Phillips enginehouse.  In Room 2, the changes are even more substantial.  Porter Brook bridge has been moved from the middle right to the upper right corner of the room, with the track continuing south into Strong through the door at the upper right, rather than through the door adjacent to the furnace room, as is suggested on this plan.



Mill Housing
The International Mill
Salmon Hole Bridge
Dickey's Bridge




The changes in Room 3 and Room 4 are also substantial.  Strong has been flipped approximately 90 degrees, so that the line entering from Phillips (via Porter Brook) now comes in through the door at the upper left of the room.  The line to Kingfield exits through the door at the upper right of Room 3, as the plan suggests (the large upside-down "T"-shaped building is the Forster mill) and then loops through the left middle of Room 4, climbing all the way, to get to a narrow shelf along the upper right wall of Room 5.  This is as far as the track extends, at present, but the goal is to continue a short distance to the door separating Room 3 and Room 5, where a lifting section (at the site of Salem) will raise trains to the upper level, so that they can continue into Room 2, loop around, enter Room 3 through the doorway on the upper left, with Kingfield located in Room 3, directly above Strong (the Winter Store will be located in the lower right corner of Room 3).

The mainline south to Farmington goes through a hole cut into the wall at the extreme lower right corner of Room 3, more or less as the plan suggests.  Room 4 is built pretty much according to plan, although Maplewood has been moved a short distance north (toward the door in the upper left corner of Room 4), adjacent to the swinging gate that spans the doorway to Room 3.  During normal operating sessions this gate is always closed, as there is no need to get to the area "behind" Strong.  During open houses, however, the best way to get visitors in and out of the basement is through the door at the upper center of Room 3, rather than through the stairs (located at the lower left of Room 1) up to the main level of the house.  This means that the swing gate gets a lot of use.  Needless to say, there is a fail safe mechanism that kills the power whenever the gate is open.  Baker Stream Bridge is now located just under the window at the top center of Room 4.  Farmington (the only section of the lower level that is not currently completed) is laid out pretty much as the plan suggests.




South Strong



Baker Stream Bridge

Farmington (still under construction – “In Process” photos)


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