The Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes in On2, Ca. 1919

Upper Level

There is not much to see here, as the planned upper level is still in the very, very early stages.  Still to see the photos of the progress so far, click on the links below each map:

Upper Level




As with the plan for the lower level, things change when construction gets underway.  The big change in Room 1 is that Rangeley / Marbles has been shifted from the left wall to an area just above Phillips, about thirty inches away from the right wall.  Rangeley and Marbles was actually the first section of the layout to be completed (it made a nice diorama), but it has never been physically connected to the remainder of the railroad.  For the last ten years, it has been bolted to the wall above Madrid Junction, but it never really worked there.  It would be difficult for operators to gain access to the upper level without interfering with operators working on the lower level.  The project for 2014 is to move the entire area and to construct a raised platform along the right wall, behind Phillips.  Crews working the yard at Rangeley will be along the right wall, out of the way of crews working Phillips, who will be in the wide aisle in the center of the room.  This means losing the Green's Farm branch, unfortunately, but I can live with that.  As a bonus, I will have space in the upper right corner of Room 1 to model a larger area of Rangeley Lake, along with a resort hotel and a couple of lake steamers (including the famous Molly-Chunkamunk).  I have not done any work on the upper level of Room 2 -- stay tuned for updates.  However, I am planning to run the track through the stairway at the lower left of Room 2 / lower right of Room 1, with a lifting section along the lower wall of Room 1, which will take trains down to the lower level, near Reed's station.

Upper Level Rooms 1 & 2


Rangeley and Marbles



 There is even less to talk about here.  None of this exists, at presents, although I have built most of the railroad structures at Kingfield (thanks to long-out-of-production Chris Cardinal kits), but no benchwork is in place.  In Room 4, I have built the Bigelow station, but nothing else,  Again, stay tuned for updates!

Upper Level Rooms 3 & 4