• Outstanding Reviewer of the Year Award for the Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education, 2013.
  • Best Research Paper Award for: Burns, David J. and Lynn, Monty “Consumer Mentality: A Comparison of Students Attending an Evangelical Protestant University with Those Attending Catholic and Public Institutions.” In Proceedings of the Christian Business Faculty Association Annual Conference, Kevin Hughes, ed. Mt. Vernon OH: Christian Business Faculty Association, 2013.
  • $56,000.00 grant from Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts for the proposal “What Does it Mean to be Human in Consumer Culture?”
  • Outstanding Research Award for: Gupta, Pola B., Burns, David J., and Schiferl, Jaime “An Exploration into Student Satisfaction with Internship Experiences in Marketing,” Business Education and Accreditation, 2 (1), 27-37, 2010.
  • Included as a “Highlighted Researcher” in Flynn, Judy Zaccagnini and Irene Foster, Research Methods for the Fashion Industry, New York: Fairchild, 2008.