CSE 1321 Lecture Videos

Slides may have been updated since the video lecture was recorded, please get the latest slides for each module from our website (under Resources, Slide Repo).

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Module 1 - Algorithms vs. Programming

Module 1 - A Programming Primer

Module 2 - Variables, Assignment and Data Types

Module 2 - Data Types and Expressions

Module 2 - 1D Arrays and Strings as Complex Data Types

Module 3 - Selection Structures

Module 4 - Repetition Structures

Module 4 - 1D Arrays and Loops

Module 5 - Searching and Sorting

Module 6 - Methods Part 1

Module 6 - Methods Part 2 - No video as the you should read the slides and practice using the  methods for your lab language (or your favorite language if not taking a lab) as the best way to learn and understand how to use the methods is practicing with them.