• Course integrated research 
    • LEED LAB, USGBC (with Agnes Scott College - Weblink)
    • COTE Sustainability Measures (Award winning student work - Weblink, Weblink2)
    • Living Building Challenge Projects (Publication Weblink)
    • CLT / Mass Timber Construction research
    • Net-Zero / Net-Positive design strategies
    • Publication sample integrated into class instruction (PG 149 at this Weblink)
  • 2013 - 2014:   Building Skin Lab _ Ecomponents (ARCH+BIO)
  • 2014 - 2016:   HeliOS _ Solar interface research (ARCH+CM)
  • 2016 - Present:   LEED LAB Agnes Scott _ Sustainability Fellow Research (ARCH+CM)

IKRC International Knowledge and Research Center for Green Building (weblink)
Chief Research and Education Officer 2012-2016
NOTE: The IKRC is no longer a center at KSU.  Past accomplishments are listed below.

  • In 2012, Ed Akins led a team of students and faculty to the successful completion of a LEED performance analysis of two campus buildings at the Marietta Campus.  This research team also coordinated similar research and reports from campuses in Darmstadt, Germany, and the North China University of Technology (NCUT).
  • In 2013, Ed Akins led the final Research to Practice (USGBC_R2P2) Phase II effort utilizing faculty and students from SPSU to conduct building simulation research and propose modification to university buildings to increase efficiency and performance characteristics.
  • Jim Mabes (Director within the Center) served as the LEED AP for LEED GOLD certification for Association of Building Contractors of Georgia Building.
  • Jim Mabes served as the LEED AP for LEED SILVER certification for the (2014) Smyrna elementary school in Cobb County.
    • Cobb County is the 2nd largest school system in the state
    • This is the first LEED certified school within the two largest school systems in Georgia
  • Student engagement was solicited and overseen by the IKRC for a rain water study for Grand Hyatt Hotel in Buckhead
    • Study resulted in rainwater catchment system from roof replaced ALL domestic water purchased from City of Atlanta in cooling tower.
    • Here are links to articles that were written about our participation.

  • The IKRC hired an Architectural Graduate to assist with a Heat Loss Study on Jetways at Hartsfield-Jackson International airport in Atlanta, Ga. - completed a study of two jetways for heat loss in August 2013.
    • Airport officials were pleased with the results and told us they would share this information with other global airports as a part of the International Green Airport Association.