• Past Lab Members
    Current Lab Members
  • Connie Borgerding: (SALT student) Completed PC_Osteopathic Medical Degree
     Shawyun Khoshneviszadeh (Graduate student in MSIB)
  • Rebecca Pierce: (Biology Department Student of the year 2007) Completed Medical College of Georgia Degree

  • Suk Kim : Completed Medical College of Georgia Degree
  • Lance Girton: Currently completing Ph.D. at Oklahoma University
  • Chelsea Beard
  • Veronica Garbar:  Currently completing Campbell University Osteopathic Program
  • Kelci Knight:  Completed Iowa University Master's in Occupational Health
  • Whitney Smith:  Pursuing Physician Assistant Program
  • Derrika Kennerly
  • Mathew Parente- Completed M.S.  at Washington State University
  • Rafael Perez (Honors Scholar)  - Currently attending UGA dental school
  • Isabella Batalas (Honors Scholar)
  • Lindsay Brown: (graduate student in MSIB)
  • Haley Barnett: Class of 2020
  • Ofumere Omokhodion (graduate student in MSIB
  • Doug Taylor:  Class of 2020