Undergraduate-level courses:

  • Algorithm Analysis (CS4306)
  • Data Structures (CS3424)
  • Distributed Computing (CS4504)
  • Computer Org. and Arch. (CS3224)
  • Computer Networks (CS4263)
  • Real Time Systems (CS4514)
  • Senior Design Project (CS4850)

Graduate-level courses:

  • Theory of Computation (CS6041)
  • Adv. Computer Architecture (CS6020)
  • Adv. Computer Networking (CS6027)
  • Parallel & Distributed Computing (CS7172)
  • Theory and Impl. of Prog. Lang (CS6123)
  • Real Time Systems (CS7827)
  • Special Topic: Software Security (CS6903/SWE6903)
  • Wireless Security (IT6833)

Other non-traditional transition courses:  Math. Structures for CS (CS5070), Found. of Comp. Arch. & Operating Sys (CS5020), Found. of Data Structures & Algorithms (CS5040)