Edward Jung

 I am currently an associate professor of computer science at Kennesaw State University. Upon completing the graduate study in 1994, I started my professional career in industry, working mostly in the fields of security in mobile/wireless networking and protocol design in distributed systems. In 2008, I moved to academia.

I am a computer scientist by training. I am interested in the study of (de)-composability problem for the applications to dependable computing and networking (i.e., security and fault-tolerance.) 

I graduated from the University of Minnesota with degrees of B.S. and Ph.D., in computer science. I am a senior member of the IEEE and a member of the ACM. (With a dual residency, I split my time between Georgia, during the academic year, and the NJ/NY region, during summer).

Brief CV

  • 1994.5: Ph.D. in Computer & Information Science, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
  • 1994.5 - 2002.12: Member of Technical Staffs (Bell-Labs, Motorola, Siemens), US
  • 2003.1 - 2007.12: Director, Security Research Group, Samsung Research (SAIT), Korea
  • 2008.2 - 2009.5: Murray Visiting Professor, Computer Science, Rutgers University, Piscataway, New Jersey
  • 2009.8 - 2015.5: Assistant Professor, SPSU/KSU, Georgia, US
  • 2015.8 - present: Associate Professor (with tenure), KSU, Georgia, US