Elizabeth Martin

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Elizabeth Martin-Malikian is an Associate Professor of Architecture at Kennesaw State University, College of Architecture and Construction Management (formerly Southern Polytechnic State University) in metro-Atlanta, where she chairs the thesis advanced core sequence including thesis: 1) prep, 2) research and 3) studio. In addition to thesis, Liz's teaching focus is environmental technology, materials & methods, 3rd year studios and urban design. Prior to that Liz served as the Paul Rudolph Visiting Professor at Auburn University’s School of Architecture.

Locally, Liz continues to be actively involved in Atlanta’s creative community as the co-chair of the Metropolitan Public Arts Coalition [MPACT], as well as, chaired the American Institute of Architects California Council (AIACC) Monterey Design Conference in 2007 and 2009. While on professional research leave in fall 2014, Liz was a research affiliate at the American University of Beirut exploring Hedonistic Urbanism: The Complexities of Power, Policy and Place in Postwar Beirut (1990-2015). In Lebanon, Liz also curated a Pop-up Studio-X Beirut for Columbia University’s global networking program creating an educational forum to explore the future of the city. Made-up of local practitioners, academic scholars and neighborhood activists, the studio-x forum worked as a global network for sharing ideas and projects about the built environment in postwar Beirut. 

Liz graduated with a M.ARCH in 1991 from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles and with a B.ARCH in 1987 from Tulane University in New Orleans. Her masters thesis research exploring music and architecture is published as Pamphlet Architecture 16: Architecture as a Translation of Music. Currently, Liz is pursuing research at the University of Edinburgh exploring the architecture of alterity using postwar reconstruction in Beirut as a case study.