About this website

The site is largely based on a website I designed to serve as the text while teaching Plant Taxonomy from 2000-2004 at Penn State while I was completing my Ph.D. A lot has changed in the 10+ years since I first made that website, so I've largely started from scratch except for some of the photo links and family descriptions. I usually try to follow the most recent taxonomic changes, and I've strived to at least be phylogenetically correct and describe only monophyletically-defined orders and families. The illustrated phylogenies are an amalgamation of phylogenetic trees from various publications combined with a dash of my own opinion, and I have usually excluded branches that aren't pertinent to the orders and families discussed in the course. The resources consulted most heavily has been the extremely useful Angiosperm Phylogeny Website maintained by Peter Stevens and The Plant List.

Families and orders in large text are those that are covered in Plant Systematics and Taxonomy at Kennesaw State University. We don't have time to cover the vast majority of familial diversity, particularly families that don't occur in GA, but some photographic examples of other orders and families are included in smaller font.

All photos and illustrations ©2016 Joel McNeal. If you want to use any of them for noncommercial purposes, please contact me and ask permission first and I'll almost certainly be fine with it. Any questions, corrections, or requests should be emailed to me at jmcneal7@kennesaw.edu.