ALG Calculus II Instructor Materials

The following tables contain links to power point slides for instructional use corresponding to the course text found on the ALG page for professors Ritter and Deng


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Chapter A: Transcendental Functions

Table for chapter A: Transcendental Functions
Section Topic Lecture Slides
A.1 Inverse Functions Section A.1
A.2 The Natural Logarithm Section A.2
A.3 The Exponential Function Section A.3
A.4 Other Bases Section A.4

A.5 Inverse Trigonometric Functions  

Section A.5


Chapter B: Techniques of Integration

Table for chapter B: Techniques of Integration
Section Topic Lecture Slides
B.1 Trigonometric Integrals Section B.1
B.2Trigonometric Substitution Section B.2
B.3 Integration by Parts Section B.3
B.4 Rational Functions-Partial Fractions Section B.4
B.5 Numerical Integration (not available)
B.6 L'Hopital's Rule Section B.6
B.7 Improper Integrals Section B.7
B.8 Additional Integration Exercises Section B.8


Chapter C: Polar Coordinates, Parametric Equations

Table for chapter C: Polar Coordinates and Parametric Equations
Section Topic Lecture Slides
C.1 Polar Coordinates Section C.1
C.2 Slopes in Polar Coordinates Section C.2
C.3 Areas in Polar Coordinates Section C.3
C.4 Parametric Equations Section C.4
C.5 Calculus with Parametric Equations Section C.5


Chapter D: Sequences and Series

Table for chapter D: Sequences and Series
Section Topic Lecture Slides
D.1 Sequences Section D.1
D.2 Series Section D.2
D.3 The Integral Test Section D.3
D.4 Alternating Series Section D.4
D.5 Comparison Tests Section D.5
D.6 Absolute Convergence Section D.6
D.7 The Root and Ratio Tests Section D.7
D.8 Power Series Section D.8
D.9 Calculus with Power Series Section D.9
D.10 Taylor Series Section D.10
D.11 Taylor Polynomials Section D.11
D.12 Additional Exercises Section D.12


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