Research Activity

I am a theoretical particle physicist with interests in many areas of High Energy Physics.
My research work involves Calculations in Quantum Field Theory, Computer Simulations and Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data.

In particular, I do research in Quantum Field Theory of the strong interactions (Quantum Chromodynamics) and Hadron Collider Phenomenology with a special focus on precision physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

I have expertise in the analysis of the structure of the proton, in particular Parton Distribution Functions (PDFs) of the proton, and in perturbative calculations for vector boson, top-quark pair, and QCD jet production at the LHC.

I have extensively worked on Physics Beyond the Standard Model (SM) and tested predictions of several extensions of the SM at the LHC to investigate possible signatures of New Physics.

Research Grants

National Science Foundation, PI Grant, “Precision theory at the LHC: strong interaction dynamics and new physics searches”, September 2018-August 2021 - $109,000.

Research Collaborations

I am a long term collaborator of the CTEQ group, a world leading collaboration for studies on the structure of the proton, and I am a member of the PROSA collaboration. 

I have also contributed to develop modules of the xFitter, an open source platform for multiple studies in Quantum Chromodynamics.

I actively collaborate with the Elementary Particle Theory group at Manchester University in UK, with the CMS experimental group at DESY Hamburg in Germany (with which we stipulated an exchange program), with the Particle Theory Group at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas TX, with the Theoretical Physics Division of the University of Liverpool in UK, and with the Theoretical Physics Group of Salento University in Italy.

Cooperative agreement KSU - DESY Hamburg (Germany).

Physics students with interests in particle physics can contact me to know more about it.