Research Group

Graduate Researchers (M.S.)

Omar Ugarte Trejo, B.S. (undergraduate researcher, 05/2016–05/2017, research assistant 05–06/2017, graduate researcher since 08/2017)
My name is Omar Ugarte Trejo and I am currently working on completing my M.S. in Chemical Sciences at Kennesaw State University and continuing my research in luminescent gold and copper complexes. I graduated from Kennesaw State University in Spring of 2017 with a B.S. in Chemistry being the first person in my immediate family living in the United States and Mexico, my country of birth, to receive a degree. My interests include materials sciences and inorganic chemistry. I believe developing new materials that can aid current and future technological developments is important and hopes to one day work in that field.
The current research being done by the lab group has allowed me to learn many new skills and allowed me to express myself and put those skills to use.

Outstanding Graduating Student Award 2017, Kennesaw State University
Departmental Award in Inorganic Chemistry, Kennesaw State University
Poster Award 11th Herty Medalist Undergraduate Symposium 2016 in Atlanta
Birla Carbon Scholar 2016

Nimia Zoe Maya, B.S. (graduate researcher, since 08/2017)

Nimia 2017-Website
My name is Nimia Zoe Maya. I am a 1st year masters student at Kennesaw State University, and a GC-MS Test Engineer for a German automotive technology company. I received my B.S. degree in Chemistry and a B.A. degree in Music from Emory University in 2015. I am currently working in the lab of Dr. Stollenz in pursuit of furthering my research experience in organometallic and coordination chemistry. The time spent in his lab has forced me to be a confident chemist, and creative when faced with unexpected obstacles.
Ethan Miller, B.S. (graduate researcher, since 08/2017)
Ethan 2017-Website
My name is Ethan Miller. I earned my B.S. in chemistry at Berry College. I have a background in analytical chemistry with two publications under my belt from my undergraduate experience. I want to branch into inorganic chemistry while at Kennesaw State University. After I earn my Master's Degree, I want to go to Germany to earn my Doctorate. I am looking at a future in industry or in academia. In my free time, I like to do things with my friends, and I often go hiking, rafting, camping, or on similar adventures.

Undergraduate Researchers

Alvaro Calderón Díaz (undergraduate researcher, since 01/2016, research assistant 05–06/2017)


My name is Alvaro Calderon, and I am an undergraduate research student in the Stollenz Research Group at Kennesaw State University. Working with Dr. Stollenz has given me the opportunity to learn deeply about chemistry related laboratory techniques. The Stollenz Research Group has also given me the opportunity to travel across the country in order to communicate our findings with the chemical community. Undergraduate research allows me to meet and network with professionals in the chemical industry, which is an important task for any aspiring chemist. I greatly believe that the experience and knowledge my colleagues and I receive from the Stollenz Research Group is beneficial to us and our community.
As a previous Co-President for of the Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) at Kennesaw State University, I have learned to lead with confidence and focus on objectives for the improvement of our group and society. Aside from the undergraduate chemistry courses, I participate in leadership workshops that teach me more about myself and how to optimally use my knowledge and skills for the greater good of the world around me. We need now, more than ever, leaders in the sciences who utilize and defend, with great conviction, scientific evidence in order to further move toward a prosperous and progressive future. I will continue to learn and grow, both academically and professionally, so as to reach a position in the chemical industry that will greatly impact our community either through leadership or scientific breakthrough.
I thank Dr. Stollenz for giving me the great opportunity to work with him and all of the persons who allow me to be in the positions I am in.

SAACS Travel Award for the 253th ACS National Meeting, April 2–7 (2017) in San Francisco, California

Ofumere Omokhodion (undergraduate researcher, since 01/2017)
Ofumere 2017-Website
My name is Ofumere Omokhodion and I have been a student in Kennesaw State since 2014. Raised in Nigeria, I came to the United States for university and majors in Biochemistry. Passionate about research, I joined Dr. Stollenz’s group on January 2017, in my third year.
Nattasith (Nat) Siwabut (undergraduate researcher, since 06/2017)
Nat 2017-Website

My name is Nattasith Siwabut and I am currently a senior finishing a B.S in Professional Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics at Kennesaw State University. Working in Dr. Stollenz lab have given me an opportunity to refine my organic and inorganic skills. These skills will prove invaluable for my professional career and graduate school. After graduation, I plan to pursue a Master's Degree in a chemistry related field. Our projects will improve future technology and that I had a part in is very satisfying to me. The research has challenged me to apply the knowledge of my college career and employ problem solving skills as well as given me mentors for the future. The drive I have seen in our research group has inspired me to diligently work with the group to achieve great results.
Former Group Members
Yasser Seif (undergraduate student, 06–12/2017)

Allan Nguyen (Center for Advanced Studies at Wheeler High School), 06–08/2017)
Daniel Satterfield (undergraduate student, REU Fellow, Dalton State College, 06–07/2016)
Neha Merchant (undergraduate student, KSU 01–07/2016, graduated, B.S.)
Drew Thornton (undergraduate student, KSU 01–04/2016, graduated, B.S.)
Jessica Wiederkehr, M.S. (Texas A&M University 2013, PROMOS Fellow of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)), now graduate student (Ph.D.), Recipient of a Kekulé Mobility Fellowship of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (Funds of the Chemical Industry in Germany), Research Group of Professor Stephan Schulz, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany