Research Group

Alvaro Calderón Díaz (undergraduate researcher, since 01/2016)
My name is Alvaro Calderon. I am an undergraduate research student in the Stollenz Research Group. Learning experience in the Stollenz lab gives me the opportunity to deepen the understanding of intricate organic and inorganic laboratory techniques. I hold a position as the 2016-2017 Co-President of the Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) at Kennesaw State University.
I am also an assistant manager at a retail store in Cobb County. Positively impacting the future of mankind is the principle resolve for the endeavors I experience today. And thus, properly applying the resources placed before me, I may one day revolutionize society through scientific breakthrough or with the responsibilities allotted to me. I thank Dr. Stollenz for giving me the great opportunity to work with him and all of the persons who allow me to be in the positions I am in.
Omar Ugarte Trejo (undergraduate researcher, since 05/2016, Birla-Carbon Fellow 2016)
My name is Omar Ugarte Trejo and I am currently a senior finishing my B.S. in Professional Chemistry at Kennesaw State University. Working hard in college has allowed to finish my bachelor’s degree in three years and I plan to continue with my education and pursue a graduate degree. My interests include materials sciences and chemical engineering. The idea of being able to develop new materials that can aid current and future technological developments is very compelling to me and is what I aim to be doing as my career one day.
The current research being done by our lab group has allowed me to learn many new things and express myself unlike regular schoolwork. This past summer was very eye opening as I was able to conduct research fulltime with Dr. Stollenz with the help of the Birla Carbon Scholars program. We continue to achieve great results and success in the research to come.
Nimia Zoe Maya, B.S. (perspective graduate researcher, since 10/2016)
Ofumere Omokhodion (undergraduate researcher, since 01/2017)
Former Group Members
Daniel Satterfield (undergraduate student, REU Fellow, Dalton State College, 06–07/2016)
Neha Merchant (undergraduate student, KSU 01–07/2016, graduated, B.S.)
Drew Thornton (undergraduate student, KSU 01–04/2016, graduated, B.S.)
Jessica Wiederkehr, M.S. (Texas A&M University 2013, PROMOS Fellow of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)), now graduate student (Ph.D.), Recipient of a Kekulé Mobility Fellowship of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (Funds of the Chemical Industry in Germany), Research Group of Professor Stephan Schulz, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany