Here are some of the research projects SPSU students are doing with me. I am always looking for students to work with on research projects. Please contact me if you are interested!

Investigation of an invasive plant species effects on ecosystem processes. In this project we are examining how Chinese privet, a woody invasive shrub is affecting ecosystem C and N cycling. Specifically we are interested in how privet is able to invade and what changes occur after privet is removed from lowland urban forest fragments. 

Removing privetTyler and Klevon measuring privet stems

Cody with PrivetCody creating a privet removal plot

lab work Processing plant biomass samples

Climate and air quality influences on urban forest growth. In this dendrochronology project we are examining the historical growth of some of Atlanta's oldest trees and examining how changes in climate and air quality has influenced urban forest productivity in the last 50 years.