PHYS 4400 Directed Study

Directed Study in Theoretical Particle Physics

Professor Nikolaos Kidonakis


The directed study is an independent study followed by a research project in theoretical particle physics. The particle content of the Standard Model and the forces with which elementary particles interact will be presented. The field theories of quantum electrodynamics, quantum chromodynamics, and electroweak theory will be introduced. The student will acquire experience in theoretical physics research by calculating higher-order corrections for scattering processes. 

Schedule of activities 

Introduction to the Standard Model: quarks and leptons; photons, gluons, W and Z bosons 

Elementary description of forces; Feynman diagrams 

Relativistic kinematics 

Feynman rules; cross sections 

Quantum electrodynamics; dimensional regularization; renormalization 

Quantum Chromodynamics; asymptotic freedom 

Weak interactions; electroweak unification 

Yang-Mills theory; spontaneous symmetry breaking; Higgs mechanism 

Higher-order calculations; top quark production 

Eikonal approximation; resummations; one-loop and two-loop calculations