Bob Brown

Senior Lecturer, Information Technology

Bob Brown I earned the master's degree in computer science from Southern Polytechnic State in 1995 when it was Southern College of Technology and the Ph.D. in computer information systems from Nova Southeastern University.  I've been teaching first at SPSU and then at Kennesaw State since January, 1996.

Teaching has followed a 30-year career in information technology beginning in 1969, and in medical informatics since 1974 when I began working with the Medical Association of Georgia to develop a methodology for medical care review to assure quality and appropriateness of medical care for Medicare patients.

I teach because it's rewarding to help students have the "Aha! experience," and that happens several times each term. It makes me feel really good to help others learn the things that I know and to learn new things myself in the process.

If you are thinking about taking one or more of my classes, you will want to read what I have to say about my teaching philosophy and course workload. I've also written some advice on succeeding as a university student.  If you're applying for a job or graduate school, read about recommendations or references from me.

Additional information for students, including material from prior classes, can be found here.

Current Classes

Summer, 2017

None; I am not teaching this summer,

Quote Without (very much) Comment

"The purpose of higher education is not to produce job ready graduates, it's to produce life ready citizens."       
–James Wagner, President, Emory University. April 3, 2013

The next time somebody says "job ready graduates" to me, I'm going to tell them it's not my job to produce robots.


I will generally answer email from students in my classes within 24 hours during the work week; I may not answer weekend email until Monday.  I'll answer the phone if I'm in the office but really, email is the best way to reach me.  Do not expect me to track you down to return phone calls.  Do not expect me to answer email after about 5:00 PM.  In particular, do not wait until the last second to ask about homework help and then complain that you couldn't reach me.

Availability During Breaks and Holidays: None.  That's why they're called "breaks" and "holidays."