Master of Science in Conflict Management (MSCM)
Courses taught (10 different):

  • Conflict Theory
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Continuum
  • Advanced Conflict Management Skills Clinic
  • Advanced International Mediation
  • Humanitarian Conflict Intervention
  • Dispute Systems Design
  • Conflict Management in a Specified Environment
  • Domestic Field Experience
  • International Field Experience
  • Field Study and Field Work Reports

PhD in International Conflict Management (INCM)
Courses taught:

  • Humanitarian Crisis Intervention

Dissertation committees chaired:

Dissertation Committee Member:

  • Herman David Ayers (expected 2018). “The Impact of Cultural Training on Prison Conflict”. Proposal Passed Spring 2018.
  • Shea Holland (expected 2018), Government Conflict Communication: Strategically Communicating about the War on Terror, Proposal Passed Spring 2018.
  • Wim Laven (expected 2018). Personal and Social Factors in Attitudes and Behaviors Regarding Forgiveness. Passed Proposal Spring 2017.
  • Bryan Hutcheson (expected 2018). Securitizing Development or The Development of Securitization: Inventorying Post-9/11 US Military Operations. Passed Proposal Spring 2017.
  • Christine Edwards (expected 2019). New African Religious Schisms in the Greater Atlanta Area. Passed Proposal Fall 2017.
  • Jessica Fisch, PhD student at Georgia Tech in School of Architecture and Regional Planning. Proposal expected Summer 2018.

Peace Studies Minor (PAX) & School of Government & International Affairs (PSIA)
Course taught:

  • POLS/PAX 4490 - Sports, Conflict, & Peace