• The persistence of multi-family firms: Founder imprinting, simple rules, and monitoring processes
  • CEO tenure and entrepreneurial orientation within family versus nonfamily firms
  • Work-family issues in family business - Pertinent aspects and opportunities for future research
  • Exploring the effect of distinct family firm reputation on consumers’ preferences


  • Academy of Management 2015 Annual Meeting - Nurturing scholars new to Family Entrepreneurship: A paper development PDW
  • GACC Breakfast Meeting Series - How to build strong families and lasting legacies
  • 6th Annual AmCham Business Day - Myths and realities about family business
  • Supporting Sustainable Economic Development through Transatlantic and Transpacific Economic Policy Cooperation – Regional Perspectives - Workshop - Entrepreneurship: What business model creates future wealth?
  • Strategic Management Society – 2014 Annual Meeting, Family Business Extension Conference - New approaches for studying strategy in family and business