Living Learning Lab, Employment Opportunities, and Education

  • A Living Learning Lab for Faculty and Students

    Importantly, the KSU Food Forest will make possible ongoing research by multiple KSU faculty and students designed to measure the environmental impact of the Food Forest with respect to carbon sequestration, changes in the water absorption capacity of the soil, and effectiveness as a supply of nutrient-rich food. As the system develops, we invite other KSU faculty to contact us about how they can utilize the space to carry out their related research.

    • Internships and Employment Opportunities

      Working with two AmeriCorps Summer Associate VISTAS internship students, we recently launched the KSU Food Forest Instagram account (@KSUFoodForest) and are using this social media outlet to educate the public about issues of food security, sustainable agriculture, and the importance of pollinator populations. Follow @KSUFoodForest to learn more about the KSU Food Forest and related research, and to find out about our upcoming events.

      For 2020-2021, the KSU Food Forest has dedicated 5 Federal Work Study positions. Students who are eligible for Federal Work Study positions can apply for these positions through the Handshake system. ALL FWS Postions have been filled at this time. We hope to have more opportunities in the future. Thanks!

      • Education and Awareness: Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

        Working with the AmeriCorps Summer Associate VISTA students in Summer 2020, we were able to produce some wonderful audiovisual materials to raise awareness about issues of food security and the need for sustainable agriculture. These materials were made available through our Instagram account (@KSUFoodForest) and can be found on the KSU Food Forest YouTube account.