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ArvinDr. Arvin Poddar

Dean of Clarinet Sciences Department

General all-around genius


Arvin Poddar was born to Mr. and Mrs. Poddar in 1995.

During Arvin's childhood, he always had to sit near the garbage cans at lunch, as he wasn't known as a friend by many people. However, he was discovered to be a clarinet prodigy at the age of 2, and was pursued by orchestras around the world.

In 1998 of January, he became part of the Krusty Krab along with Jim and later, after Jim had quit, worked with a fry cook whose name is yet to be revealed. One day, Arvin was gardening when suddenly, a pineapple from a boat above fell on him and destroyed his garden. A sponge named SpongeBob SquarePants then moved into the pineapple and Arvin has been grumpy ever since.

Arvin's personality is grumpy, hot-tempered, selfish, miserable, frustrated, cranky, and serious. In spite of this, he is still one of the most intelligent characters, and out of the ten major characters, he can be categorized as the most educated one, along with Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Plankton, and Gary. He has a sarcastic attitude and sees others as uncivilized morons, while failing to accept his own personal shortcomings. Arvin is misunderstood and unappreciated, blaming society for his failures.

In 2017, Arvin was employed by KSU and quickly became Dean of Clarinet Sciences. After earning his doctorate in a few days, he began teaching Clarinet Science and Art courses at KSU. He is currently unparalled in every aspect whatsoever. He resides in Bikini Bottom, and enjoys painting, playing clarinet, and being alone.