IT4403 - Advanced Web and Mobile Application

Course Description

This course covers advanced topics on web and mobile applications with a focus on modern web application architectures and mobile friendly user interfaces. Students will complete one major development project using the latest web technologies.

Mobile devices (especially touchscreen smartphones and tablets) have prevailed recently as one of the major computing devices. More and more website visits are coming from mobile devices. The industry has a strong need to upgrade or redesign many websites and applications to be mobile friendly. This course will be one of the major offerings that meet student's needs and enhance their web development skills. Those who want to develop a career in web application development are strongly recommended to take this course to know and practice the latest web development technologies.

Course objectives/learning outcomes

  1. Explain modern web application architectures and related concepts.
  2. Compare major mobile and web development approaches, platforms, and tools.
  3. Examine and use popular web APIs.
  4. Apply appropriate web and mobile user interface design principles and techniques.
  5. Create a cross-platform mobile web application using the latest web technologies and services.

Course Syllabus

Learning Materials

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