Spring, 2015

Math 2260  -  Introduction to Probability and Statistics

  • Room
  • Q-109
    Tuesday & Thursday
    1:00-2:15 pm
  • Q-108
    Tuesday & Thursday
    2:30-3:45 pm

Note:  Rooms subject to change.

Topics include expectation, independent and conditional probability, combinations and permutations, organization and analysis of data, standard probability distributions, and hypothesis testing. The emphasis is on the applications and methods with applicability in technical and managerial fields.

Required for this course:

  • Textbook:    Understanding Statistics, 9th Edition by Charles Brase & Corrinne Brase
  • Homework: From textbook as listed on last page of syllabus
  • Calculator:  No calculator required but TI-83 or TI-84 suggested.

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Math 2260  -  Introduction to Probability and Statistics