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Abigail Alexander (publishing as Abigail RayAlexander) is Latin Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of French at Kennesaw State University and Editor-in-Chief of The Kennesaw Tower, an undergraduate research journal publishing primarily in non-anglophone languages.

She teaches courses ranging from elementary French language to advanced undergraduate French literature courses. For example, she recently developed and offered a FREN 4434 Special Topics course entitled “Crime and Passion in 19th-century France.” She also enjoys developing and offering exciting and engaging online, asynchronous courses.

Her research interests include onomastic theory, the links between political and poetic revolutions, and comparative studies of nineteenth-century French and North American literature. She has published work on writers like Baudelaire, Flaubert, Hugo, and Poe, and she co-translates Tristan Garcia’s philosophical monographs for Edinburgh University Press and Polity Press. Recent publications include the following:

Abigail Alexander Publications

Journal Articles
  • RayAlexander, Abigail. “‘Une sorte de lien...’: Madame Bovary alongside Notre-Dame de Paris.” Modern Language Notes (MLN), vol. 136, no. 4, September 2021 (French Issue) Supplement. Eds. Kat Haklin & Abigail RayAlexander. pp. 90-119.
  • RayAlexander, Abigail. “Introduction.” Modern Language Notes (MLN), vol. 136, no. 4, September 2021 (French Issue) Supplement. Eds. Kat Haklin & Abigail RayAlexander. pp. 1-12.
  • RayAlexander, Abigail. “‘Par’ : Barthes et Hugo par eux-mêmes.” Modern Language Notes (MLN), vol. 132, no. 4, September 2017. pp. 812-820.
  • RayAlexander, Abigail. “Flaubert and Baudelaire on Trial : On Authorial Intent, Intervention & Responsibility before the Law.” Interférences littéraires/ Literaire interferenties, “The Risks of Metatextuality,” vol. 15, Feb. 2015. Eds. Karin Schwerdtner and Geneviève de Viveiros. pp. 35-51.
Book Chapters
  • RayAlexander, Abigail. “Dégradations scandaleuses: l’alexandrin dans Madame Bovary.” Flaubert et le scandale. Ed. Éric Le Calvez. Éditions Passage(s). 2022.
  • RayAlexander, Abigail. “‘M.S. Found in a Bottle’: Mystery.” Edgar Allan Poe in Twenty Objects. Eds. Gabrielle Dean and Richard Kopley. Baltimore: Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University, 2016. pp. 52-57.
Monograph-length Translations
  • Garcia, Tristan. The Architecture of the Possible. Trans. Christopher RayAlexander, Christopher, Abigail RayAlexander & Jon Cogburn. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2022. pp. 156.
  • Garcia, Tristan. We Ourselves: The Politics of Us, Letting Be II. Trans. Christopher RayAlexander, Abigail RayAlexander & Jon Cogburn. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2021. pp. 252.
  • Garcia, Tristan. The Life Intense: A Modern Obsession, Letting Be I. Trans. Abigail RayAlexander, Christopher RayAlexander & Jon Cogburn. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2018. pp. 201.
Book Reviews
  • RayAlexander, Abigail. “Writers and Revolution: Intellectuals and the French Revolution of 1848 (review).” Nineteenth-Century French Studies, 2022.
  • RayAlexander, Abigail. “Victor Hugo et la vaste ouverture du possible: Essai sur l’ontologie romantique (review).” Nineteenth-Century French Studies, vol. 47.3, no. 4, 2019.
  • RayAlexander, Abigail. “Romanticism and the Question of the Stranger (review).” Nineteenth-Century French Studies, vol. 43, no. 1, 2014.
  • RayAlexander, Abigail. “Visible Writings: Cultures, Forms, Readings (review).” Modern Language Notes (MLN), vol. 128, no. 4, 2013. pp. 970-976.
  • Alexander, Abigail. “Le Nadir de la grâce: Essai sur la figure et la défiguration (review).” Modern Language Notes (MLN), vol. 127, no. 4, 2012. pp. 952-957.
  • Alexander, Abigail. “La Renaissance des mots: de Jean LeMaire de Belges à Agrippa d’Aubigné (review).” Modern Language Notes (MLN), vol. 126, no. 4, 2011. pp. 915-920.