• The Effects of Collaboration, Rational Persuasion, and Valence on Goal Commitment for Student Team Projects
  • Influences on Student Intention and Behavior toward Environmental Sustainability
  • Speaking Up: A Conceptual Model of Voice Responses Following the Unfair Treatment of Others in Non-Union Settings
  • Commitment, Procedural Fairness, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Multifoci Analysis
  • The Complementary Effects Of Relational Dissimilarity And Group Faultlines: A Multi-Level Analysis Of Diversity


  • 75th Annual Academy of Management Meeting - Stuck in the Middle: The Impact of Implementing Corporate Decisions on Middle Managers' Justice Perceptions
  • 75th Annual Academy of Management Meeting - The Use of Influence Tactics and Valence on Commitment for Student Team Projects
  • Decision Sciences Institute - Influences on Supply Manager Behavior toward Environmental Sustainability Decision Sciences Institute
  • Southern Management Association - Helping the Organization Achieve Environmental Sustainability Goals: Integrating Two Theories of Motivation
  • Professional Women's Alliance Meeting - Workplace Bullying