Anthony Rizzuto

professor rizzuto portrait Tony Rizzuto PhD.
Associate Professor, Chair Architecture Department, KSU

Major Area of Expertise : History/ Theory
Dissertation: Tectonic Memoirs: The Epistemological Parameters of     Tectonic Theories of Architecture
Minors: Aesthetics, Architectural Theory, Art History, Philosophy
Areas of Interest: Ecological Urbanism , Projective Architectural Theory,   Multi-disciplinary studies, Context and Cultural Meaning


Professor Rizzuto’s Ph.D. explored the relationship between philosophy and architecture. Examining three distinct moments in the history of western philosophy, the work traces the impact of their epistemological structures on the development of western architectural theory, resulting in three distinct approaches to tectonics; Classical Tectonics, Rational Tectonics and Poetic Tectonics.

He is also interested in urban theory and design and has been actively involved in planning and zoning in the City of Atlanta for the past five years, chairing the Midtown Land Use Committee and serving on the Development Review Committee for SPI-16 and 17.