Bronne Dytoc

Greetings. I am Bronne Dytoc, an assistant professor of Architecture. I mentor students in first year studio, where freshmen are introduced to the discipline of Architecture and design through exercises of seeing (observation), knowing (ordering), and drawing (representation). Through the development of these foundational skills, ideas are honed through rigor and iteration to become developed designs of personal space; and, in reaching this first level of design thinking, students are prepared for their subsequent years in the program.

Aside from freshman studio, I also teach classes in structures, as well as guide students in architectural drawing and rendering. With the aim of tempering the design student's artistic skill with analytical clarity, the knowledge of structures informs the design creativity with a balancing complement of knowledge in structural behavior and its potent relationship to the making of forms and spaces.

In terms of scholarship, my focus in the relationship between structural behavior and architectural form is only matched by my research into teaching and learning strategies for architectural sciences, as well as my interest in the nature of light and sound in the design and experience of architecture.