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Invited Guest Lectures and Other Presentations:

2017.   Leadership Issues at Local and National Levels: The Anthropology of Leadership. Leadership and Conflict Management Workshop for Staff of Selected Nigerian Universities. School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development, KSU, July 25.

2016. Leadership for Sustainability from the Perspective of UN Sustainable Development Goals. Panelist, UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research)/UTFPR (Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná), Curitiba, March 31.

2014. Diversity, Conflict, and Peacebuilding (Diversidade, conflitos e a construção da Paz) through indigenous conflict management in Brazil. Invited to present four times at the SARU conference at the Universidade Salvador (UNIFACS), CEDEPE Business School and Faculdade Guararapes in Recife, and Faculdade Internacional da Paraíba (FPB) in João Pessoa, November 22 – December 3.

2014. Cabral and Rodney in Anti-Colonial Dialogue. Book Launch and Authors’ Roundtable. The Second Annual Walter Rodney Public Speaker Series. Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library, Atlanta, GA, February 20.

2012. Recent political developments in West Africa (Senegal, Mali and Guinea Bissau). Invited Roundtable discussant sponsored by the Center for African and African Diaspora Studies, KSU, April 18.