Course Policies and Grade Determination


  • Such conduct will be dealt with as specified in the current revision of the Student Rules and Regulations Handbook.


  • LECTURE attendance is not required except for guest lectures or special sessions announced in advance.
  • NOTICE! However, the student is responsible for all material, announcements and activities that transpire during his/her absence.
  • PUNCTUALITY: Since it is a common courtesy to arrive at lecture and laboratory sessions on time, subjective points will be deducted for tardiness.
  • LABORATORY (WHEN APPROPRIATE): Because of team work and availability of materials, laboratory attendance is required unconditionally.
  • LABORATORY MATERIALS: Protective laboratory wear is the student/s responsibility. This includes closed toe shoes, smocks, eyewear, etc.
  • CHILDREN, SPOUSES, ETC.: No one who is not currently enrolled in the course/lab will be allowed to attend. Be certain to make alternative arrangements for these individuals during lab or lecture times.


  • PERSONAL RECORD OF PERFORMANCE: Students are required to keep all graded papers to verify semester totals. Machine scoring errors due to erasures are not considered in score adjustments.
  • EXAM MATERIALS: Each student is responsible for his/her sharpened #2 lead pencils for all exams. No other materials are permitted.
  • START TIMES: Tardiness for an examination will result in a lost exam grade and late students will not be allowed to start an exam.
    • A zero (0) being computed for that exam in the final grade determination or;.
    • An incomplete (I) being awarded if the following criteria are met--(1) the student must be passing at the time of the final and (2) a legitimate and documentable reason for missing the exam must be presented PRIOR to the exam date.
  • LECTURE/LAB EXAMS: Note! make-up exams are not given regardless of reason.
    • LAB EXAMS - MUST be completed on the day/date scheduled or announced without exception.
    • LECTURE EXAMS - are NOT required. However, the student should take all exams given. They do provide excellent means for evaluating study skill effectiveness. Upon completion of an exam, the student will be asked to indicate whether the score is to be recorded. This indication must be made before the paper is submitted for scoring and cannot be changed. Electing not to record a score will result in the final exam percentage being substituted for each lost score. NOTE that make-up exams are NOT given regardless of reason.


LECTURE/LAB (@ 100 PTS EACH)..............................                       COMPREHENSIVE FINAL (200 PTS)...........................---200---

TOTAL POSSIBLE POINTS .........................................

NOTE! Points are summed for semester totals and grades are awarded as percentages of total points.

A= (total possible pts.) X (0.9)                 C= (total possible pts.) X (0.7)

B=(total possible pts) X (0.8)                   D= (total possible pts.) X (0.6)