Undergraduate Research Projects Directed

Mc Campbel, Charles (1981) Phase Transitions in Mitochondrial Membranes (Ga. Academy of Science, Undergraduate Presentation Award Winner).

Todd, Lisa, et al. (1998) Chemosensitivity and Receptor Sharing in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.

Frost, Jody, et al. (1998) Thermotactic Responses of C. elegans to Experimental Temperature Variations.

Gilbertson, Krista, et al. (1998) Behavioral Response Differences in Ethanol-Naive and Ethanol-Preexposed C. elegans.

Cobb, Sarah (1998) Uses and Classification of Plants Found in the Rainforest by Indigenous Peoples Compared with the Uses and Classifications of Western Culture.

Pittard, Darren, et al. (1999) Monitoring Behavioral Parameters of C. elegans by Computer Tracking.

Pittard, Darren and Bowman O. Davis, Jr.  (2000)  Monitoring the Interactions Between Chemical and Thermal Stimuli in theCaenorhabditis elegans  Nervous System.  (Abstract) Ga. J. Science, 58(1):51.