English Composition 1101

 English 1101 is your first college writing course.  You’ll learn how to write for academic purposes, how to express yourself effectively on paper, and how to use writing to help you explore issues both personal and social. In English 1101, you will write essays that take into account the rhetorical situation of the writer’s role, the intended audience, and the purpose of the essay. You will learn revision and editing skills, generate researched writings in which you work with source material to support your argument, and explore issues of style and voice.

English Composition 1102

English 1102 is a continuation of English 1101 that emphasizes writing about and responding to a variety of texts, including literary works, art, photography, and other media. The course incorporates more advanced research skills than those introduced in English 1101 and requires one or more researched projects. You will expand the writing, research, critical reading and critical thinking skills that are integral to your academic work at Kennesaw State University

The course will develop your skills in critical reading and a range of writing tasks, with the subject matter serving as the tool for development of readers and writers. In this course, you will go beyond comprehension and summary to evaluate and extend the reading or textual materials .

Technical Communications 2010

This course will give you experience with a wide variety of workplace writing skills. During class, you will participate in a variety of hands-on lessons, discussions, and activities that will enable you to:

  • Analyze audiences and purposes for workplace documents
  • Write and edit effective workplace documents, including descriptions, letters and memos, instructions, proposals, and formal reports.
  • Understand how audience needs affect the organization, design, and style of documents
  • Insert graphics, charts, and tables and utilize technological resources to illustrate key points.

English 1102 Special Topics:

Fieldworking: Conducting Ethnographic Research

  In this English 1102 Special Topics Course you will continue to mature as a writer, exploring different texts and striving for an authentic voice in your writing. This course is designed to help you expand the writing, research, critical reading and critical thinking skills that are integral to your academic work at Kennesaw State University.  The major emphasis in this course is research, and you will design and conduct an ethnographic research study.  You will read and discuss samples of studies, learn how to conduct research, become proficient at collecting data from a variety of sources, reflect on your own and your classmates experiences as researchers, and recognize the ways in which your own identity is shaped by cultural forces.  Along the way, you will become proficient with forms of documentation (MLA and APA), develop a critical vocabulary to describe the features of research, and experiment with writing in different genres.

Sports, Film, and Society

This English 1102 Special Topics Course meets the learning outcomes of SPSU's Composition program and provides an exploration of a number of issues related to sports, especially as portrayed in movies about sports. What does our passion for sports reveal about our culture? How are sports more than a game, but an ongoing metaphor for life? What are some of the complex roles that sports, and movies about sports, play in society? In class, you will view and analyze films with sports themes, conduct research into contemporary issues, and write on a variety of related topics. all within the context of sports.