Gabriel Soldatenko

gsoldatepicGABRIEL SOLDATENKO is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Kennesaw State University.

He specializes in Latin American, Social Political, Contemporary Continental, and Comparative philosophies. His current research projects include both an investigation of methodological questions in Latin American philosophy, especially within a comparative philosophical context, and an investigation of methodological questions in comparative philsophy, especially those provoked by Latin American philosophy.

He teaches classes in Latin American philosophy, Social Political philosophy, and nineteenth and twentieth-century continental European philosophies. His regular course offerings at Kennesaw State University include Latin American Philosophy (PHIL3210), Social and Political Philosophy (PHIL3110), and Philosophies of Peace (PHIL3120).

From 2018-2019, Dr. Soldatenko served as Co-Ordinator for the Latin American and Latino Studies minor program at Kennesaw State University.


His recent publications include (selection):


"Between Truth and Utopia: Philosophy in North America and the Narrowing of the Social-Political Imagination" in Imagination: Cross-Cultural Philosophical Analyses, Bloomsbury Academic, 2018

"A Contribution toward the Decolonization of Philosophy: Asserting the Coloniality of Power in the Study of Non-Western Philosophical Traditions" in Comparative and Continental Philosophy, Vol. 7 Issue 2, 2015

"The Politics of Writing on Walls" in Rhizomes, Issue 25, 2013


His recent research presentations include (selection):


"Comparative Philosophy and Metaphilosophical Method: Suggestions from Nietzsche and Marx." 14th Annual Meeting of the Comparative and Continental Philosophy Circle in Leiden, Netherlands, 2019

"The Subversion of Language and Subversive Languages in Colonial Latin America." Plenary Lecture. 22nd Symposium of the Académie du Midi Philosophical Association in Alet-les-bains, France, 2018