Jeffrey Chastine

Short bio: I was born in Georgia and grew up in the semi-small town of Snellville, where I spent most of my time programming, writing and playing video games on a Commodore 64 or practicing the piano. I received my undergraduate degree in music education from Valdosta State University. Later, I was an undergraduate student of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, but soon switched majors and completed my Master of Science in Computer Science. As a Graduate Research Student in the GVU Audio Lab, I worked on various projects, including early VoIP implementations and the development of a self-harmonizing karaoke machine. Later, I received my PhD in Computer Science from Georgia State University, where I researched the interaction between participants in collaborative augmented reality environments. My research interests lie in mixed reality environments, graphics, game design and development, and computer science education. I'm also interested in faculty exchange programs and travel.

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