John Havard

I am a Professor of Early American Literature and Chair of the English Department at Kennesaw State University. I am an expert in the areas of hemispheric American studies and religious studies as well as an experienced academic leader who has served as a department chair since 2018 at two institutions.

My research focuses on hemispheric American studies and religious studies. Major publications include Hispanicism and Early US Literature: Spain, Mexico, Cuba, and the Origins of US National Identity (U of Alabama P, 2018) and Spain, the United States, and Transatlantic Literature Culture throughout the Nineteenth Century (Routledge, 2021). My teaching interests include early American literature and literary criticism.

As Chair of KSU's English Department, I consider myself a steward leader and am thankful for the opportunity to support student success outcomes and faculty morale, which I view as symbiotic. I have been honored to collaborate with colleagues on curricular innovations; increased participation in KSU's It's About Engagement QEP which promoted high-impact learning experiences; the establishment of a Department of English Lecturers Caucus; the approval of revised governance documents; the enhancement of faculty mentoring and development initiatives; and serving as Chair of the University Chairs and Directors Assembly in 2023-24.

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