John McDowell


John McDowellI'm John, a Senior Technical Learning Experience Designer in the UITS - Technology Outreach Team. I create training resources and host training sessions and I love my work! 

I create training modules such as the ones you take when onboarding or when earning a certificate. I create videos and other visual content too, such as quick reference guides, graphic designs, and photography. I also create and host training workshops on topics varying from Adobe Photoshop to Omni Content Management System. I specialize in utilizing engagement strategies and incorporating play theory into my creations.

If you have a training project which needs to be designed, let's have a meeting about it! Let's do something more than a simple PowerPoint presentation! Let's make it interactive! If you're faculty or staff building an asset for KSU, my services cost you nothing! 

I have a Master of Arts degree in Communication from the University of Illinois, where I focused my studies on New Communication Technologies. I love to examine Mediated Entertainment Communication, especially when used for Organizational or Educational Experience Enhancement. 

I'm a gamer and I've long held the belief that people learn better if they have FUN while learning. 

Prior to joining Kennesaw State University, I held several other careers as: a university Communications instructor, a web design specialist, a civil engineering designer, a robotics and process line electrical controls design draftsman, a radio dj, a newspaper owner, and an e-commerce business owner. 

In my free time I enjoy photography, illustration, kayaking, skiing, cooking, travel, and playing with my kids. 

You can find my portfolio at my personal website, Acid Dragon Studio