Jan Potter


I have been an adjunct instructor at Kennesaw State University since 2003. I teach online and in-person Science, Technology and Society courses for the ISD  department.

I began my career as a medical librarian and then went to work for Social Security doing disability adjudication. After that, I worked as a hospital consultant on disability issues. Working for the state hospital association, I worked as a health educator. During that time, I provided materials to all the hospitals in Georgia as well as designed a cooperative consortium with the public libraries for the dissemination of health information. I also created a Tobacco-Free Toolkit for all the hospitals in Georgia. Using the extensive state medical database, I wrote and designed the biannual “State of the Health of Georgia” report for the state legislature.

I have co-authored several History study guides to meet state requirements in a number of states and I have also been working as a freelance medical writer for many years.

Current Curriculum Vitae