Courses Taught

Jennifer Lewis Priestley, PhD




MATH 1107 Introduction to Statistics

DATA 1501 Foundations in Data Science

STAT 1401 Foundations in Statistics

STAT 2332 Probability and Data Analysis

STAT 3010 Introduction to Statistical Computing (Developed Course)

STAT 3120 Statistical Methods I (Developed Course)

STAT 3130 Statistical Methods II (Developed Course)

STAT 4030 R Programming

STAT 4330 Binary Classification (Developed Course)

HMI 7530 Data Analytics in R

DS 7900 Applied Analytics Project (Developed Course)

STAT 8030 R Programming

STAT 8330 Binary Classification (Developed Course)

DS 9000 Special Topics - Ethics in Data Science (Co-Developed Course)

INCM 9102 Quantitative Research Methods for International Conflict Management 

DS 9900 Data Science Dissertation