Dr. Stanislawski’s primary research interests are in American popular music, specifically intersections between country and rock music throughout the last century. His focus to date has been on the life, legacy, and music of Gram Parsons, a central figure in the development of the country rock movement that emerged in late 1960s Southern California, and this has resulted in a range of work on genre construction, stylistic hybridity, authorship, and shifting conceptions of authenticity.  Currently, Dr. Stanislawski is finalizing an article that investigates the posthumous reception of Parsons’s life and work in the context of his Southern background and the truly bizarre circumstances of his untimely death.

In addition to publishing entries in The New Grove Dictionary of American Music (2nd ed.) and the forthcoming, Music Around the World: A Global Encyclopedia (2015), Dr. Stanislawski has also presented his work at the annual meetings for the Society for American Music, AMS Popular Music Study Group, and at the International Country Music Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  

John Stanislawski CV