Kadian M. Callahan

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Kadian M. Callahan is Associate Dean for Student Success and Community Engagement in the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) and Professor of Mathematics Education at Kennesaw State University (KSU).  She earned a B.S. in Mathematical Sciences/Minor in Computer Information Systems from Florida A&M University - Tallahassee in 1998.  Her M.S. degree is in Secondary Mathematics Education from Indiana University - Bloomington (2002), and her Ph.D. degree is in Mathematics Education: Higher Education, Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Maryland - College Park (2006).

Dr. Callahan works with student leaders, faculty, staff, and administrators to ensure that CSM structures, policies, and practices align with our goal of creating an inclusive learning environment that fosters success for the diversity of students whom we serve.  She is involved in several student success initiatives in the CSM including

  • oversight of the CSM Advising Center;
  • facilitating ongoing college-wide curriculum and program improvements;
  • delivering professional development to support faculty as they work to improve teaching and learning;
  • oversight of the CSM Common Study Hours/Open Math Lab;
  • running the CSM PRESS Summer Bridge Program; and
  • engaging students in service-learning projects where they use science and mathematics to make a difference for people and communities.

Dr. Callahan collaborates with faculty and administrators across KSU and across higher educational institutions to promote continuous improvement of undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.  Her research examines strategies for improving teaching and learning in science and mathematics courses and programs and analyzing STEM institutional change efforts to transform teaching, learning, and the student experience.  Her involvement at the national level includes serving as a co-leader for the Accelerating Systemic Change Network (ASCN) and as a mentor for the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) Project Kaleidoscope's STEM Leadership Institute.  


Leadership Philosophy

As a leader, you invest so much of yourself and your life that the work needs to be worthwhile.  What I have learned about leadership is that the responsibilities do not diminish.  Instead, they continue to become more and more complex.  When they do, sometimes you need to reorganize or retool your skills to meet new challenges.  The process is more fulfilling when it aligns with your values.  Because of this, I believe in leading with my values.  Think of leadership as a journey and personal values as a compass to guide the way along that journey.  By leading with my values, I am able to keep the work in perspective relative to my personal and professional goals and the legacy I wish to leave behind.  In this way, I can focus on the responsibilities of a leadership position and less on the title itself.  When things get stressful, I am able to easily remind myself of why am doing this work and why it matters.  And, when a new opportunity presents itself, I can ground my decision to take on that opportunity based on the extent to which it fits with my values.