IT 7993 No Cost Learning Material

Module 1 - Course Orientation

At the end of the module, you will be able to:

1. Understand how the capstone course works: the project process, meeting requirements, expectations, grading, etc.
2. Get familiar with the course site structure. It is important to know where to find the information you need.
3. Complete all tasks specified in the guide.

Start here - Orientation Guide

IT7993 Course Syllabus

Capstone Project Guide

IT Capstone Project Guide
Overview of Capstone Process
How to have the best capstone experience


Practicing and Evaluating Soft Skills in IT
Capstone Project Success Factors Paper

Module 2 - Team Work Resources

Dr.Li's Tips for Team Work
Google Drive Training and Help
Google Hangout Tutorial - Video/Voice Conference/Messaging
Paper on Selecting Collaboration System for Student-Teamwork
Peer Evaluation Guideline

Microsoft Team Tutorial

Microsoft Teams Quick Start
Microsoft Teams Tutorial

Microsoft oneDrive Video Trainings

Module 3 - Professional Profile - Linkedln

Career profile Linkedln guide
Linkedln Tips and Tutorials
What happens after graduation Steve Cover 111213

Module 4 - Project Planning

Kickoff Meeting Agenda

- Get to know everyone
- More project info with Q&A
- Discuss and draft project plan
- Go over milestone meeting and reporting requirements
- Plan immediate actions following the kickoff meeting

Project Planning Guide
Project Plan Templete
Plan Example
Project Workload Planning and Tracking Instruction
Project Workload planning and Tracking Template (Gantt chart)

Module 5 - Project Progression

Milestone 1 &2 Report Guide
Milestone Evaluation Form

Student Peer Evauation Rubric

Milestone 3 Report Guide

Module 6 - Project Conclusion

Final Package Submission Guide

Capstone Project Final Acceptance and Assessment by Project Owner

Capstone Project Grading Rubrics -Instructor

Module 7 - Project Presentation


C-Day Guide
IT 7993 Project Recorded Video Guide

Department Presentation

Dept Presentation Guide
IT 7993 Capstone Evaluation Link

Project Short Video

Project Short Video Guide

Module 8 - Student Resources

Research Guide
D2L Brightspace Student Training
KSU Student Resources
KSU Information Technology Services

APA Resources

APA 6th Edition Tutorial
Purdue Online Writing Lab:APA Formatting and style Guide

Citation & Literature Management