Louis Liuxi Meng

Professor of Chinese Studies At Home

Dr. Louis Liuxi Meng 孟留喜 has taught Chinese language, literature, culture, and civilization for many years. Prior to joining the faculty at Kennesaw State University in 2006, he taught first at two universities in Beijing, and then at The University of British Columbia, Carleton College, and Central Washington University in North America. His research and scholarly interests are in Chinese language pedagogy and classical Chinese poetry and women’s literature. Dr. Meng has published a number of books/book chapters and journal papers in both Chinese and English and presented his research findings at numerous conferences.

His publications include Poetry as Power: Yuan Mei’s Female Disciple Qu Bingyun (1767-1810), Lanham: Lexington Books (2007), which has been translated into Chinese as Shige Zhili: Yuan Mei Nüdizi Qu Bingyun (1767-1810) 詩歌之力: 袁枚女弟子屈秉筠1767-1810 (Wu Xiaping tr., Nanjing: Jiangsu People's Publishing House, 2020), “Idea-scape (yijing): Understanding Imagery in the Chinese Poetic Tradition,” Comparative Literature: East & West, Vol. 22, July 2015, pp. 29-48, “Peilan and Renlan as Metaphors for Literary Creations in Classical Chinese Poetry” 談“佩蘭” “紉蘭” 在古代詩歌中借喻文學創作, Research of Chinese Literature 中國文學研究, Vol. 117, April 2015, pp. 35-39, “New Discoveries about Xi Peilan’s Works” 有關袁枚女弟子席佩蘭著作的新發現, Literary Life 文藝生活, Vol. 1060, June 2017, pp. 1-3 &6, and "Search for the Truth: Zhang Xuecheng (1738-1801) on Writing" 究大道以为世用—章学诚的文章观兼议文章的根本特质, Journal of Capital Normal University, 1989, No. 1, pp. 16-24. Scholarly Books in Process include Chinese Literature: A Cultural Perspective and Poetry of Xi Peilan: An Annotated Edition 席佩蘭詩詞校注.

Ph.D. – The University of British Columbia, Asian Studies/literature
M.A. – State University of New York at Oswego, English/American Literature
B.A. – Renmin University of China, Chinese language and literature