Minsoo Baek

Head Shot

Dr. Minsoo Baek is an Assistant Professor in the Construction Management Department within the College of Architecture and Construction Management at Kennesaw State University. With a keen focus on construction analytics, risk management, and innovative project delivery, Dr. Baek's expertise lies in leveraging advanced statistical analysis and machine learning/artificial intelligence techniques to address significant uncertainties in the construction industry.

His groundbreaking research in construction analytics is dedicated to advancing decision-making processes in the development of construction projects. Dr. Baek actively explores the multifaceted impact of uncertainties arising from economic, social, political, organizational, institutional, and other factors on the built environment. His current studies are centered on the extraction of hidden patterns and valuable correlations from project management databases. By harnessing the power of data, Dr. Baek aims to enhance the efficiency of project management practices and identify optimal solutions for construction projects. His commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the field underscores his position as a forward-thinking and influential figure in construction management research.