Meghan Bankhead


Greetings fellow Owls!  We all have a story about how we became a KSU owl.  I landed in the KSU owl nest in the Fall of 2018 when I earned a position as a lecturer in the Department of Psychological Science.  I was drawn to this department largely because of the very apparent commitment to effective teaching.  Through collaboration with colleagues and individual reflection, I continuously work to improve my teaching craft.  One thing I have observed is the value of active learning.  Students need to do more than listen and memorize ... and instructors need to do more than talk.  One way that I try to incorporate this into my courses is by spending classtime asking students questions & working through examples.

In my 3+ years here, I've found a home teaching in the research core, namely Research Methods (PSYC2500), though I teach a variety of courses for the department.  [Check out my 'Courses' link for an exhaustive list of the courses that I teach.] In addition to teaching students about Psychology as a scientific discipline, I enjoy helping students navigate research opportunities right here at KSU ... and beyond!  I've worked with/mentored many students as they applied to graduate programs.  It brings me great joy to help students reach their goals -- even (and especially) outside of my classroom.

Though I began teaching at KSU in 2018, my college teaching career started in 2010 when I worked as an adjunct Psychology instructor at Flagler College, a small liberal arts college in St. Augustine, FL.  I also gained teaching experience during my graduate program at The University of Alabama.  Upon graduating from UA, I taught for one year at Western Kentucky University.