Monique Logan

Professor LoganProfessor Monique Logan is a Lecturer in the Department of Technical Communication and Interactive Design on the Marietta campus of Kennesaw State University.

She has spent more than 28 years teaching English literature, rhetoric and composition, technical writing skills, business English, oral communication, and research writing to both the traditional college student as well as the adult learner. Past teaching assignments include courses taught at Morehouse College, Georgia State University, Georgia Piedmont Technical College, Gwinnett Technical College, Atlanta Technical College, Strayer University, and Cathedral Academy.

Much of Professor Logan's scholarship interest focuses on instructional design, service learning and social justice issues, especially as they relate to technical communication. In their text Key Theoretical Frameworks: Teaching Technical Communication in the Twenty-First Century, authors Dr. Angela Haas and Dr. Michele Eble note that "technical communicators have a responsibility to advocate for equity in local and global networks of scientific, technical and professional communication." (Haas and Eble, 2018). 

Her goal of incorporating social justice and service learning into TCOM course assignment(s) is to open a lens that aims to help the TCOM student understand how to redress "rhetorics and practices that infringe upon, neglect, withold, and/or abolish human, non-human animal, and environmental rights (Haas and Eble) and more. 

Another area of her scholarship interest focuses on ethnographic research, a qualitative research process centered around the study of everyday life and practice with the aim of producing cultural interpretation. Her goal is to provide writing and research opportunities for current and future students who share her passions to the extent that they engage in ethnography and field working opportunities as a regular, more natural phenomenon -- so that they become experts at making the "familiar strange and the strange familiar," as stated by the late anthropologist Clifford Geertz.

For the past eighteen years, she has taught technical writing with a focus on teaching students how to create correct and thorough instructions, engage in and read data produced by user experiences, proposal writing, and report writing. Prior to that, Professor Logan taught English composition courses, business English, oral communication, research writing, and more. She has served in positions as an instructional designer, editor, writer, textbook reviewer, human resources professional and news assistant for a major news outlet.

She is a member of several professional organizations, including the Society for Technical Communication, Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW), the Online Learning Consortium, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), the Two-Year College English Association (TYCA), the Two-Year College English Association SE (TYCA-SE), the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), and the National Writing Project.

Her education includes an M.S. in Intstructional Design and Technology from Georgia State University, an M.S. in Technical and Professional Communication from Kennesaw State University, and a B.A. in English from Spelman College.

When not engaging with IDT tools, research and readings, she can be found reading poetry or historical records of courageous men and women. Other times you might catch her tending to her home garden, traveling or playing with her grandchildren Malia and Michael, her granddogs Kacey (Queen of Canines), Kylo Ren (Prince of Hound Kingdom), or her sweet daughter dog Lexi Rose (Baby Beauty of the Pack) while sipping on a smooth cup of tea.