Nasim Akhtar, Ph.D., P.E./S.E.

(Part-Time Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering)

Dr. Nasim Akhtar is a Professional Engineer (PE).  For over two decades, he has designed mid-size to high-rise buildings with of concrete and steel, predominantly in the Far-East and US.  He has worked few years with consulting firm for US Nuclear power plants.  Recently worked in the design and fabrication of Pressure Vessel Manufacturing (PVM) company for Liquid Carbon di-Oxide (LCO2) storage horizontal and vertical tanks up to 150-Ton capacity.

Dr. Akhtar has received his undergraduate degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, ranking second in his class of Civil Engineering.  He joined as a faculty member in BUET and taught over 3 years.  He earned M.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Washington State University (WSU) and Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University.  He has received merit scholarship during his undergraduate studies and received full financial assistance from WSU and Vanderbilt University to complete graduate and post-graduate studies.  He is an author and co-author of number of technical papers in national and international journals in the field of Finite Element Methods, also a registered Structural Engineer (SE) in the State of Georgia.