Lab 11: Cat Nervous System

Pp. 239 - 264 . If you finish early, use your extra time to study for the lab practicum. The second practicum is next week and will mostly emphasize material from Labs 7-12. However, it is likely that some material from Labs 1-6 will appear on the second lab practicum.

I) Cat (including sheep brain)

I suggest you work in pairs. One member should make a saggital section of the brain, the other member keep the brain whole.

Eye: eyelid, extrinsic eye muscles (all of them); cornea, sclera, optic nerve, lens, iris, retina, vitreous humor,

Spinal cord: meninges, spinal nerve

Brain : Dura mater, pia matter; telencephalon (cerebrum, gyri, sulci, olfactory bulbs & tracts, cerebral fissure); metencephalon (cerebellum, pons), mylencephalon (medulla oblongata); diencephalon (optic chiasma, infidibulum); Mesencephalon (superior colliculi).

Corpus callosum, arbor vitae, third ventricle, 4th Ventricle, Cerebral aqueduct (aqueduct of Sylvius); pituitary gland (if attached)

Cranial Nerves: know all of them - here is a list of them and/or look at on page 242.

Spinal Nerves : Find examples of spinal nerves; Know the following two nerves by name: Phrenic, Ischiadic (aka Sciatic).