Sumit Chakravarty

sumit casualDr. Sumit Chakravarty currently works as an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering with Kennesaw State University. He also serves as the MSECE program coordinator. He completed his doctoral studies from University of Maryland, Baltimore County and his Master of Science from Texas A&M University, Kingsville, both in Electrical Engineering. His PhD dissertation is on analysis of Hyperspectral Signatures and Data. He has multiple peer-reviewed journal publications, conference publications, a book chapter and three granted patents. His area of expertise is Wireless Communications, AI and Signal Processing.


He has used his expertise in remote sensing by working as a scientist in industry wherein he also worked on other sensor modalities commonly used in remote sensing like Multispectral, Lidar and SAR. This includes working with a cross disciplinary team comprising of specialists from industry, government bodies like NASA, Goddard and academia like University of Maryland. 


His other industrial experience in engineering and research include working in various roles such as Instrumentation Engineer for Triune Projects, Research Intern at Siemens CAD and Apex Eclipse Communications, Scientist for SGT Inc and Lead Scientist for Honeywell Research (Automatic Control Solutions-Advanced Technology Labs). Some his relevant experience includes instrumentation and plant logic design, noise reduction in communication systems, vibration analysis for equipment health monitoring, flare steam control loop design and modeling, image/video signal segmentation and analysis and use of statistical techniques for remote sensing and medical CAD applications.