In her current research, Dr. Doan studies the interplay between visual, verbal, and digital design choices when persuading people that preventative health behaviors like mask-wearing, hand-washing, and social distancing are effective at preventing COVID-19 infection. 

Creating COVID-19 Messaging

After surveying 506 adults across the United States in October 2020, (Allen, Bagasra, & Doan, manuscript in progress), I created infographics to address CDC preventative health behaviors that participants rated as effective, but were least likely to engage in: wearing a mask, social distancing, protecting their elderly relatives, and staying home.

Save your lungs, wear a mask. Shows a man breathing out water droplets and a woman wearing a mask to protect herself.

Save your heart; keep 6' away. Shows two masked people staying 6' apart

Protect your elderly relatives: social distance. Shows an older woman staying 6" away from a younger woman.

Protect your family: stay at home. A masked person looks out of the window of a house.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Journal Articles

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Book Chapter



Doan, S. (2021; Forthcoming). What are we really teaching? In L. Melonçon & J. Schreiber (Ed.), CommunicationAssembling critical components: A framework for sustaining professional and technical communication. Fort Collins, CO: The WAC Clearinghouse.

 CPTSC 2019

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