Sarah Holmes

SarahDr. Sarah W. Holmes, Assistant Professor of Dance

Ph.D. in Dance History and Theory, University of California

Sarah W. Holmes completed her Ph.D. in Dance History and Theory at the University of California, Riverside in June 2013. Her dissertation examined issues surrounding race, class, and gender in Pilates. Sarah received a M.A. in Dance from Mills College, in 2002, where she specialized in modern dance and the history of choreography; a B.A. in Economics from Scripps College in 1996, where she specialized in the economics of the performing arts. She was introduced to the Pilates Mat exercises at the American Dance Festival in 2001, and recently returned to ADF as a Pilates teacher in 2014. She completed comprehensive Pilates certifications through Polestar Pilates, Peak Pilates (Level One), and the PMA. Sarah has been working with Peak Pilates as an MVe Teacher Trainer since 2008, and more recently as a Master Instructor for the Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification, and teaches both nationally and internationally for the company. Her future research endeavors include examining issues in dance science and deepening her work in the embodied cultural issues in Pilates.

Holmes, Sarah. Reforming Pilates: Ballet, Masculinity, and the Construction of a Gendered Practice. Wesleyan University Press. Under contract.

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Upcoming Presentations:

“Water Study: Measuring the Physical and Perceived Effects of Water Training on College Level Modern Dancers.”  International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, Hong Kong. October 2016.