Somayeh Mashayekhi


I am currently an Assistant Professor at the department of Mathematics at Kennesaw State University, Marietta GA. Also I am a Courtesy Assistant Professor at the department of Scientific Computing at Florida State University. I received my Ph.D. in Mathematical Science at Mississippi State University in May 2015, following my Ph.D. in applied mathematics at the Al-Zahra University in Tehran, Iran in July 2013.(My CV)
I have subsequently held two postdoctoral positions at the Florida State University in Computational Science and Engineering, 2015-2016, and in Department of Scientific Computing, 2016- 2019.I am excited to study computational methods and investigate error and convergence of computational methods and I have a passionate interest in interdisciplinary research. My research results have directly contributed to the study of physics, mechanical engineering, population genetics, and many experimental settings.
My research made contributions to the field of applied mathematics. I focused specifically on approximation theory, Bayesian method and uncertainty quantification, computational methods, fractional calculus, fractal media and fractional viscoelasticity, fractional Poisson process, optimal control, orthogonal functions and its applications to dynamic systems, population genetics and coalescence theory, and spectral methods. (Google Scholar)